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by admin on September 7, 2010

Height is a very essential thing for people. This is precisely because height is associated to good genes and small people are always ridiculed in any society. Unfortunately, some people are not blessed with long bone structures. For this reason, there are a lot of questions raised on how to grow taller even after the person has matured. We will try to answer a few of these questions in the following paragraphs.

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The first question on how to grow taller is what things affect a person’s height? A person should know that height is a combination of good genes and the environment. Just because a person has great genes does not mean he will grow tall. There are individuals born of tall parents and yet they are small. This might have something to do with recessive genes of their grandparents. Factors that you should also consider are nutrition and stress. If the child does not get adequate nutrition, he will not grow taller. Stress is also a determinant since children who are stressed are not likely to grow the way they should be.

Another question on how to grow taller is this: Can a person grow taller after puberty? The answer is yes. However, there is very little evidence regarding this. The surest age in growing taller is during infancy and puberty. Rarely do people grow taller after it. Another associated question is when people stop growing. In relation to what has been mentioned earlier, people might stop growing after puberty. The reason being is that the body has already completed its task about growth during puberty and it is already ready to reproduce.

Another issue that is very common on how to grow taller is if sleep really helps in growth. The answer is yes. During sleep, the cells of the body repair the damaged ones and this is also the time to reproduce those cells that the body needs to develop. In addition, diet also plays a major role in growth and development. In this regard, keep in mind that the food pyramid is your bets consultant.

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