Best Exercise To Increase Height – Best Exercises to Increase Height After Puberty

by admin on September 1, 2010

Best Exercise To Increase Height

One of the best things about going through puberty is all the changes our bodies go through. Most people dread these changes as they’re happening to us, but once it’s over — we’re left wanting more. Very few of us ever grow as tall as we would like and lets face it: Society does place a certain amount of importance on how tall you are.

There are some exercises to increase height after puberty is long done and over with. Just remember that you have to commit yourself to several weeks of stretching, for permanent results. While you might notice a taller you right away: You have to keep stretching your ligaments, muscles and other supportive tissue surrounding your spine, so your body can adapt and fill in the gaps left by the stretching.

Look below for some great stretching exercises to increase height that will have you feeling like you just left the Chiropractor… Best Exercise To Increase Height

Hanging Stretches

You can grab a chin up bar, or other sturdy structure above your head and hang for as long as your grip can take it. Alternatively there are ankle straps that can be purchased, which will let you hang upside down for a different stretch. Hanging makes gravity work for you, rather than against you like it does when your feet are planted on the ground. Hanging is one of the most simple and easy exercises to increase height by decompressing your spine.

Toe Touch Stretch

Reaching down and touching your toes stretches your spine out also. Your hanging your torso downward, while also loosening your tight back, hamstring and neck.


All one has to do is look at the torso of a swimmer to realize how the exercise literally stretches your body out. Your pulling your lower body behind you, pulling with your upper body, in an almost zero-gravity environment which decompresses and stretches your spine. Best Exercise To Increase Height

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