Does Hanging from a bar Help Increase Height

by admin on August 2, 2010

There is good news for people who are of short height. They no longer need to worry about their shortness and instead can focus on gaining few inches if they are ready to follow some rigorous exercise routines. The one exercise that has been considered as the height increase guru is the hanging exercise. Though this is a bit weird to digest, it is quite true, as hanging helps the muscles to stretch and you can actually feel yourself growing.

To do this exercise all you need is a hanging bar and regular spend a few minutes simply trying to reach that bar and actually hanging from it, lifting yourself up and down. Before doing this measure your height in the night and after doing it, in the morning measure your height, you may find a slight increase. The reason being the stretching of the body to reach the bar and the feet to touch the ground. This exercise is best done during the early wee hours of the morning.

If you don’t happen to have a hanging bar, you can hang on anything that is stable and strong enough to bear your weight. But be sure that you do not perform this exercise in excessive amounts as it might lead to over tension of the muscles and you would feel muscular pain for a very long time. Start off with three minutes a day, and then gradually as the weeks pass increase the time until you can perform for atleast half an hour a day. But make sure you maintain this regime for two months straight before any result can be obtained.

To perform this exercise it is highly recommended that you visit a gymnastics expert or join a gym. Do not do it alone as sometimes it could be a little dangerous. You can even join a gym for better results. If you are a heart patient or have any other illness of the sort, make sure you consult your doctor before performing any of these aerobics, as they are quite heavy exercises.

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