Easy Methods to Increase Height

by admin on September 5, 2010

Are you unhappy with being short? Many believe that their height is inevitable and unchangeable, a trait designed by their genes. This simply isn’t true. There are many methods to increase height that are very effective.

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In order to understand why they’re effective, it’s important to learn how we grow in the first place. When we are babies, we have many more bones than we do as adults. Why is this? This is mostly because, as babies, some of our bones are made of cartilage. As we grow, this cartilage warps and melds and hardens to form adult bones. During puberty, cartilage growth plates located at the ends of our longer bones start to lengthen slowly. This is what contributes to the wild growth spurts we experience.

Knowing that, here are some helpful methods to increase height:

1. Exercise

When you are experiencing puberty, exercising is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Not only does it release helpful height growth hormones, but it also keeps your bones healthy and strong. By exercising regularly during puberty, you can make the most of your growth spurts.

Exercising when you’re an adult is also very helpful. It keeps you from gaining weight, which can put additional stress on your bones. Being slender also aids in creating the illusion that you’re taller. However, it’s impossible to lengthen your bones through stretches and exercises after they’ve finished growing.

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2. Diet.

Your diet has one of the biggest effects on your bones and your height. Did you know that not getting enough nutrients when you’re young can result in stunted growth? It’s true! Calcium in particular is very important for healthy, growing bones. Foods that are rich in protein, amino acids, calories, and other nutrients help give your body what it needs to have enough energy and stamina. It also aids in replenishing your body when it needs it.

3. Wardrobe

If you’re an adult and wish you were taller, there are several ways you can alter your appearance to make yourself look taller. You can do this by dressing in dark, solid colors or pinstripes. Wearing shoes with heels or height enhancing insoles may sound like an obvious solution, but it works. Wearing bigger shoes, such as boots or tennis shoes, can make your feet look bigger, which helps the illusion.

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