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by admin on September 4, 2010

Grow taller exercises usually refer to stretching exercises. When you are still growing, doing these exercises can really heighten you. Sports like swimming and volleyball will make you tall and well built. Even if you didn’t do these sports as a child, they can still help you grow taller. The only difference is that after you’ve stopped growing they make you taller differently. They just stretch your joints so added up you get at least 2 inches taller.

Not everyone has time to go swimming every day, or they simply don’t have a decent place to go to. That’s not a problem because you can grow taller with exercises you can do in your own home and at your own pace. They can be pretty hard to do especially for someone who isn’t acquainted with this type of exercises. So before attempting to do any of these, make sure you are up to it and warm up first. Here are a few exercises that help you get a better posture thus increasing your height.

Grow Taller Exercises – The Bow Down

Before attempting to do this exercise, warm up a little by stretching either on your bed or with your back against a wall. Get on the tip of your toes and raise up your hands and just stretch. At first don’t pull too hard, make a few repetitions and when you feel you are ready pull harder. Remember to keep your back stuck to the wall at all times.

As for the Bow Down exercise, stand up with your hands on your hips and bend forward keeping your knees straight. Keep your chin off of your chest and just bend as far as you can without straining yourself.

Grow Taller Exercises – The Yawn

Stand up with your hands together behind your neck. Bend your head up and backwards for as far as possible while arching your spine. You mustn’t just bend backwards, you have to pull up too. The idea behind this is to stretch your back not break it.

Those exercises are for your back only, but in order to grow taller you must work on your legs aswell. So here are a couple of grow taller exercises for your legs.

Grow Taller Exercises – One Straight Leg Up

This is exactly what it is called. Lie down on your stomach with your hands behind your neck, don’t worry, this is not a police raid. Raise one of your legs as high up as you can while keeping it straight. The most important thing here is to keep it straight, so don’t try to get it up if you can’t keep it straight. As you push so you can keep your foot straight, point the tip of your foot outward, don’t hold it in the normal walking position.

Grow Taller Exercises – Touch Toes

Stand up straight with your hands high above your head. While keeping them straight, bend over and try and touch your toes while keeping your knees straight as well. You wont be able to get very close to your toes at first. Don’t pull to hard, just go as far as you can and if you do it a few more times you’ll see that you will go further down each time.

These grow taller exercises have done wonders for me. Not only did I get the extra inches I needed to feel good, but they also gave me more mobility. All in all, doing exercises make you feel great. Before starting them, I felt weak and heavy and very slow. After a couple of months of grow taller exercises everything changed. I was ready to live life at it’s fullest.

So, tired of being tiny? If so, check out these Grow Taller Exercises!

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