Growing Taller Exercises Or The Growing Taller Secrets Revealed

by admin on August 14, 2010

Believe it or not: There are Growing Taller Exercises that will allow you to gain up to 3 inches of height permanently – even if you are an adult and have stopped growing years ago.

And the saddest thing is that a lot of people don’t even reach their natural height because of their diet, the kind of work they do, the working conditions, stress, not enough sleep, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, lack of exercise and many more. And many of them are not happy with their height. Actually, as recent surveys show, most women aren’t happy with their height!

And what do most people do to solve this problem? Nothing! They believe it’s too late to grow taller as an adult, over even if you are over 18-22. And they are wrong!

Here is why: In contrast to your bones that can’t grow after a certain age, your spine still can. Studies have shown that special stretching exercises can allow you to grow 2-3 inches permanently. Your spine is not a “simple bone”, as you may know it consists of spinal discs and cartilage. The purpose of the stretching exercises is to lengthen the muscles surrounding your spine, which brings the spinal discs and the cartilage in your spine to thicken. The effect: your body gets taller. For the exercises, check out this article: How to Grow Taller Naturally

The other half decides to buy some “growth pills”. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it: You take some pills and you get taller. Of course it doesn’t work: There are no pills you can take to be taller. What might work are regular Human Growth Hormone-injections over a long period of time. But the target group are teenagers and you don’t even want to hear about the side effects! In contrary, special stretching exercises are no magic bullets – they do work.

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