Increase In Height With Age – Increase Height at Any Age With Nutrition and Exercise

by admin on August 31, 2010

Increase In Height With Age

You can increase height at any age by following sound nutrition and exercise practices. It is it believed that after you reach a certain part of your life, you can’t grow any taller. It is true that you can’t lengthen your limbs but you can lengthen your spine by decompressing the cartilage between your vertebrae.

The best way to increase height at any age is to maintain a healthy posture. As we age, our posture tends to deteriorate if we don’t try to maintain it. A bad posture can stem from lack of attention to it or simply having a weak core. The muscles of the abs and lower back can help maintain a great posture. The best way to keep them strong is to engage in a routine consisting of crunches, sit ups, leg raises, back extensions, and good mornings. Increase In Height With Age

Stretching is another great way to increase height. Stretching exercises keep the muscles limber and toned. They also keep the spine flexible which helps maximize its length. Gravity compresses the cartilage between the vertebrae. Stretching alleviates this compression, keeping your spine flexible and at its maximum length. Great stretching exercises include hanging, bow down, door twists, and the cobra.

Nutrition is an important key to increase height at any age. Calcium is a very important mineral to grow taller because they are responsible for keeping your bones healthy and strong. Strong bones help maintain good posture. You also need a diet rich in protein because it’s helps with the release of growth hormone which is responsible for the growth of your cells, muscles, and bones.

You can increase height at any age by following the exercise and nutrition advice mentioned in this article. Maintain great posture to maximize you height into older age. Like any fitness goal, you will need to practice good nutrition and exercise to realize any benefits. Increase In Height With Age

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