Is It Possible To Get Taller After Puberty – Can I Grow Taller After Puberty?

by admin on August 24, 2010

Is It Possible To Get Taller After Puberty

As often as the question “Can I grow taller after puberty?” is asked, it is more often that the question isn’t asked at all, as many believe they already know the answer, due to the widespread misconception that you can’t grow after puberty. This is of course incorrect.

Firstly, the body may naturally continue to grow well beyond the growth spurt period experienced in most cases during adolescence, sometimes continuing well into a person’s 20’s. This can occur without any process being undertaken by the person in question. In most cases though, growth will stop a few years after the growth spurt has ended.

Even after a person’s natural growth stage has ended, there are additional processes which may trigger growth, and many people may in fact be growing slightly taller without even necessarily meaning to.

To understand why growth is possible after puberty, it’s necessary to understand the process behind growth, and how those natural processes can be targeted to induce growth in later years. Is It Possible To Get Taller After Puberty

If you’re a fan of baseball, or even if you’re not, you’ve probably heard of the steroid allegations plaguing America’s pastime the last few years, and one of the items at the heart of the story is HGH , or human growth hormone. HGH acts by increasing the amount of growth hormones present in your body, increasing the rate at which your body develops. Yet while HGH has potentially dangerous side effects, there are many natural ways to increase the level of growth hormones in your body, most notably exercise.

Next is your spine , which many more often associate with the back, and posture, than to anything relating to height. Through regular stretching exercises, the length and elasticity of the spine can be increased, not only increasing height, but also flexibility.

Another way to increase height is to counter the effects of issues which may be causing a decrease in your natural height . There are a myriad of conditions which may decrease your height, and many of these can be easily corrected.

These are just some of the ways that height can be increased, even many years after you figured your height had hit the proverbial ceiling. Those looking to grow taller after puberty, who are willing to take the time and effort necessary to stimulate change may soon find that while their height did not hit a ceiling after all, their heads may soon do just that. Is It Possible To Get Taller After Puberty

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