Does Cycling Increse Height? Find Out Now

by admin on March 29, 2010

Does Cycling increase height? Everyone knows cycling can keep you fit and healthy but is it good for anything else?

If you want to become taller and gain inches in height exercise can help you and one of the best forms of exercise is riding a bike. The reason that exercise can help you is when you do cardio exercise, such as cycling it makes your body produce HGH or human growth hormone. When this happens it helps your bones to grow.

Cycling also helps strengthen your muscles, which in turn helps your posture which helps with your back and your height. This includes your legs as well while you are growing.

Each time you move the pedal on the bike you are not just doing cardio exercises. You are stretching as you turn the pedal and stretching can help you to gain height as well. Does cycling increase height? The answer is yes.

When riding a bike make sure that you put the seat as high as you can while remaining comfortable.  This so you stretch properly and get the maximum benefit out of cycling. Do  not put the seat too high though or you will overstretch yourself and maybe hurt your hamstrings.

The best way to gain the maximum benefit is to alternate between a low and high seat position. In a low position you can then pedal harder and faster gain the benefit from cardio exercise which is the best for making your body produce HGH.

Riding a bike though is much easier than running or other forms of cardio. If you have access to a bike in a gym you can even ride it there as well and doing that will give you fast results.

If you are still asking does cycling increase height you know by know the answer is yes and it also helps your posture and your fitness without hard exercise so if you want to gain height use a bike as part of your routine along with exercises to grow taller.

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sara June 3, 2010 at 2:48 pm

hey im 16yr old girl im 5’2 do u think cycling can increase my ht?

vincent September 24, 2010 at 6:31 am

yea will it work im 5 ft 9 and i wanna gain 3 inc hes and im a male

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