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by admin on November 25, 2009

Everyone wants to know about grow taller pills. Everyone wants a magic pill to help them and if you can take a pill to help you gain height and stop all your worries that would be great…but do they work?

Do they work?

This is the question everyone wants an answer to. Do height increase tablets work. The fact is that no pill will help you to gain height and some of them are downright dangerous .

Many claims are made about these pills but the fact is they are just using people’s fears to make money. Here is a shocking fact for you. The majority of these pills are just relabelled vitamins with ten times the price.

These grow taller pills do not help your growth or increase your height. Do not get scammed by promises of growing inches in weeks with a pill. It’s money down the drain.

How can you really increase your height?

There are three ways to help you to grow.

#1 Exercising properly.

#2 Eating properly

#3 Sleeping properly.

A combination of all these will help you to gain height.  Doing the right exercises is proven to help you to grow and release bursts of HGH, which is vital to growth and this does work unlike with grow taller pills.

What  are the best exercises to gain inches in height?

The best exercises for this are as follows:

#1 Swimming.

#2 Cycling.

#3 Running.

#4 Stretching.

These work because they not only exercise your body and help you to stretch, straighten and work your muscles and limbs, they also release that elusive HGH and do so for hours after you stop exercising.

How Should You Exercises?

Working out for 5 minutes a day is not enough. You do not have to work out for an hour either. The best way to gain inches in height without pills is a mixture of stretching and exercise. Together this combination will produce spurts of HGH to boost your growth.

When you are trying to grow taller with exercises, longer is not better ,and short bursts of exercise produce the best results. Doing the right stretching and other exercises will.

The best kept secret is this..

You can exercise every day and eat all the right food…but if you do not sleep properly you will not grow one inch more. This is because during this time your body recovers and grows.

The answer is grow taller pills do not work but good old fashioned simple and easy grow taller exercise does.

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