How Can A Child Grow Taller – How Can I Grow Taller in the Natural and Safest Way

by admin on September 1, 2010

How Can A Child Grow Taller

Short stature for many kids means being picked on and suffers the humiliation of being called names. Kids with this condition use to live with the teasing and trying to stay strong and happy, but inside they were eaten alive with lots of depression. Many children with short stature conditions have to live through lot of disappointments of not making it to the basket ball team or the embarrassment of being paired to a tall partner. They often wonder how can I grow taller to put an end to all this humiliation and teasing.

But with advance medical innovation all that has changed. Their prayer on “how can I grow taller” has been answered. Human growth hormone (HGH) was approved by FDA allowing kids with short stature condition to receive a daily shot of the drug. Synthetic growth hormone is identical to a natural hormone produce by pituitary gland for the normal growth and development of a child to an adult. Since most kids do their growing at night, this shot was given before going to bed.

Studies have shown that if a child received hormone injections three times weekly they will attain an average increase height of about 1.5 inches. With a higher dose of six times weekly, the average height increase is about 3 inches. It should be noted almost 10% of kids who received artificial hormone injection has not been successful. The most common side effects of artificial hormone injection were mild ear infections and joint and muscle pain. How Can A Child Grow Taller

There is a high rate of social phobia in growth hormone-deficient among children. They often isolated themselves and fail to achieve satisfactory in school. Most parents cannot attain to ignore the constant nagging question “how can I grow taller” that their kids with short stature condition often ask. That is why most parents have to weigh the risk versus the benefits. If benefits are going to be increased height, eliminate social isolation, humiliation, bullying, and a child is happier and more confidence, then a small risk may be worth it!

Before parents should succumb to this type of treatment the long-term effect of this artificial hormone injection most be taken into consideration and most not be taken lightly. Despite the encouraging reports and the tremendous benefits long term side-effects most be noted like various cancers including breast, colon and lung, increased risk of diabetes, and inflammation of the joints.

These are just a few of the side effects children experienced after receiving ongoing injections of synthetic HGH and these side-effects were also found in adults who took synthetic HGH injections.

A very important, healthy, and effective solution is diet. Calcium is one of the most essential nutrients for bone growth and it makes the bone dense and strong. Bone stores calcium are use to maintain adequate blood calcium levels. Dietary deficiency of calcium generally depletes bone stores, rendering the bones weak and prone to fracture. A healthy bone prevent a person from growing shorter as they gets older. The bone tends to weaken and shrunk as people gets older, and at risk for osteoporosis and other bone disease. How Can A Child Grow Taller

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