How To Appear Taller Men – Tips For Short Men to Look Taller and Date Taller Women

by admin on August 15, 2010

How To Appear Taller Men

Many short men have a feeling of insecurity and lack of confidence when it comes to dating taller women because of the height disadvantage. However using some simple tips men who are short can easily attract taller women

1) Every woman has desires that are not always focused on height. Some taller women may look for men who have good morals others may look for men who are famous and some may look for men who talk and articulate well. So look for what a women desires and try and offer her that.

2) Secondly don’t feel low and give an impression that you are not confident. Although you may feel confident but may not appear so. Work towards looking confident. Just imagine that you look taller and give an impression of an extremely confident person.

3) The dressing and clothes you wear can make you look taller. Wear striped shirt and pant. This will give an illusion of you being of average height. Even dark colored clothes help in making you look taller.

4) Talk slowly with confidence. You should even walk slowly and not rush through things. This creates an impression of maturated and confident person.

5) Buy a pair of height increasing shoes that suit you well. This will also make you look taller by an inch or so. How To Appear Taller Men

6) Women tend to like men who talk in a low but deep voice. So talk the way taller men normally talk. This may give the taller women an illusion that you look taller.

7) Most important is don’t abandon dating too early just because of the height disadvantage. In fact you can try a few exercises that can stretch your body and help to increase height by few inches.

8) In some cases talking supplements for height growth can help to increase height. So explore this option also.

9) Don’t have long hair if you want to look taller. This is something most short men miss out on.

10) Don’t focus on your height. Instead appear to be an interesting and assertive person. Let taller women perceive you as powerful and interesting. How To Appear Taller Men

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