Is It Possible To Grow an Inch a Week

by admin on April 6, 2010

grow an inch a week

How can you grow an inch in a week?

Modern living is making people shrink in height. It is bad enough being short but now everything you do is likely to make you even shorter! Can you grow an inch a week and get your height back?

Everyone worries about being short and many people do not even believe exercises to grow taller will help them. Recent disturbing reports have shown we are doing a lot of damage to our backs and by spending all day sitting in front of computers, driving around in cars and sitting on a sofa watching television is doing real damage and costing you height and one report said we may be up to 2 inches shorter than we should be.

Back problems are not just costing you height either. They are costing you a bad back, a sore neck and aches and pains. If everyone is up to 2 inches shorter is it possible to grow an inch a week and get your height  back?
One solution is with Pilates. This is used to fix a bad posture which is a big cause of sore necks, sore backs and a loss of height. Pilates works by stretching and strengthening your back which in turn really does increase height and is also good for your circulation.

All this takes you is around 15 minutes a day and you will soon feel the difference and see it too. This is the same effect you get with so called exercises to grow taller and the best way to describe the effect it has on you is that its like running a roller over your back and ironing out all the problems until you get the maximum from your height and get rid of all the aches and pains.

How does this work. This work with a combination of exercises to stretch  the spine and correct the posture.

Many people after just a week will find they have gained at least half an inch in height. This is not by making you grow but by stretching and correcting all the problems with your back that have  developed over time.

One thing you have to keep in mind though is this. You do not just stop there the more you exercise the more you will gain. Ideally you should keep exercising as well. Once you stop all the bad habits come back again and your height will begin to shrink.

Besides pilates and grow taller exercises there is also the Alexander technique which can be used to help you to gain height. This is just effective as pilates and can produce quick results if you are looking to grow an inch a week.

What else can you do if you want to grow an inch in a week?

There is the option of visiting a chiropractor.  A chiropractor helps with joint and muscle problems as well as problems with bones and by manipulating the joints can help you to gain back the height you have lost.

How much height you gain depends on exactly what  you do and how you fix these problems.  If you exercise the lower back you are more likely to gain height then if you exercise the upper back but ideally you need to exercise everywhere.

If you really want to grow an inch in a week you can see you have numerous options and they all work. Long term the best thing to do gain this height and keep is it exercises that help you to grow taller or gain height. This is because visiting a chiropractor or having pilates lessons can work out very expensive in the long term.

A simple program of exercises can help you to gain the height you want without emptying your wallet but make sure you pick the right one if you want to grow an inch a week. Click here to find out how you can grow an inch a week starting today!

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