Grow Taller Vitamins – Will Vitamins Make Me taller?

by admin on December 7, 2010

grow taller vitamins

Vitamins are a vital part of your daily diet. Regardless of  you take them as supplements or get them in the food you eat there are no two ways about it. You need to get them not just if you want to find vitamins to grow taller but to stay healthy and fit.

You need to know what to take though. It is no good just eating anything just because it contains vitamins and the same goes for supplements. By knowing what you need you can use this knowledge to grow taller faster.

#1 Vitamin a keeps your skin looking healthy and is vital to your growth.

Symptoms of lack of vitamin A.

Your hair and nails become brittle and broken and it can result in poor sight at night time as well.

Where can you find it.

You can get this is spinach, liver, egg yolk  and fruit, mil and vegetables. And most people get enough in their daily diet to avoid needing supplements for vitamin A unless they have been ill.

#2 Vitamin B family.

These vitamins promote growth and  help you to digest your food and keep your skin, nails and body healthy.

Where can you find these?

You can vitamin B1 in pork, rice, peas and green vegetables. People usually take this in supplement form too if they are not getting enough.

You can get vitamin B2  in milk, liver, eggs and vegetables. If you are getting enough Vitamin A you are usually getting enough vitamin B2 as well.

Vitamin B6.

Can be found in liver, cabbage, beef and kidney. As well as helping you to grow this also helps with  the digestion of protein and fat by helping your body to break it down properly and this process is vital to your growth as well. If you take B complex supplements you should ensure it contains vitamin B6 too to get the best results.

Vitamin b12.

This not only promotes and helps you to gain height but gives you increased energy.

Where can you get this?

This can be found in cheese, beef, kidney and liver.

If you are a vegetarian or on a specialized diet you might find you are not getting enough of vitamin B.

Symptoms of lack of vitamin B

If you are one of the most noticeable signs is an inability to concentrate and being tired all the time. Cut out anything that contains caffeine and take B complex supplements.

#3 Vitamin C.

This is very important for growth as it helps your bones to grow, look s after your teeth as well and is vital to growth of body tissue and is one of the most important grow taller vitamins.

Where can I find Vitamin C?

This can be found in Tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, cauliflower and cabbage.

How Do I know If I am lacking in vitamin C?

One of the most obvious signs is poor gums and bleeding easily from your gums.

These are just a few of the grow taller vitamins you need to grow as tall as possible and to stay healthy. If you do not know if you are getting the right vitamins or getting enough the best solution is to take vitamin supplements.

Eating the right vitamins with  foods to grow taller and exercising can help you to gain height and grow to the maximum height possible.

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