can you use yoga to make you taller?

by admin on April 12, 2010

yoga to make you taller

This is a question a lot of people ask. Can you use yoga to make you taller? If you have stopped growing yoga is not going to make you grow any taller but it can hep you to gain height which is different.

If there is anything that can help you to put in a few vital inches onto your height it is yoga and it does this by helping you to correct back and posture issues that may have been affecting you for years.

This works by helping you to stretch your spine. This does not mean it makes it longer. By practising yoga regularly you can help to get rid of any compression between you spine andĀ  the space betteeen the vertebrae.

This is especially a problem with the lower back where your back is compressed all day from sitting down and leads to back pains and well as a loss of height.

By doing yoga exercise regularly you can gain up to several inches in height without even growing at all.

Many people who have done pilates and yoga will testify that they have managed to gain an inch in height rapidly, somethimes as quickly as a week, after that any gains slow down but if you carry on doing it you will still gain benefit such as an improved posture and a better back and by continuing to do this you can use yoga to make you taller and help you to stay taller.

Yoga helps with your height becuase it corrects back problems but how does it help with your posture? this also leads to back and height problems and Yoga does this by strenghthening your so called core muscles which in turn forces you to pull yourself upright and correct any posture problems.

What can you do to use yoga to make you taller?

One good exercise for this is called the cat pose. This is because it resembles your cat after it wakes up and stretches. You Can SeeĀ  this below.

cat pose

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