Grow Taller Stretching

by admin on November 21, 2009

Grow Taller Stretching

There are many ways to help you grow taller stretching with exercises that can help you in your quest to grow taller. These grow  taller exercises work by strengthening your back and core muscles and help you with your posture too.

Did you know it is not only possible to be short but to actually lose height as well through poor posture which includes poor sitting and poor walking habits?

There are several exercises to help you with this. By targeting several parts of your body to help in this. They are the legs the arms your neck and your back and other specific muscles. This is done with some  exercises which can make you feel better and improve your height with grow taller stretching exercises.

Many people may have heard of these grow taller stretching exercises before but do not know you can use them for this specific purpose to gain height.

#1 The Morning Stretch: In this exercise you will stand two feet  away from a wall then stand up on tip toes and raise both your hands over your head. Then slowly push your hands back until they reach the wall. Do not move you feet or move towards the wall and do it slowly so you do not fall over.  Do this 5 times and as you get better at it move further from the wall.
#2 The Warrior:  Stand with your feet together and your hands by your side. Then slowly move your feet apart 5 feet apart. Move your left foot as fat towards your left as you can and then turn you right foot slightly towards your left.

Now bend your left knee as far as you can until it is just above your left ankle, if you can do this. Then bring your arms up to shoulder height.  Hold it for a few seconds then reverse the position. That means your right foot turns to the right and your left foot turns towards your right and you bend your right knee this time.

#3 The Bend : Place your feet hip distance apart. With your feet hip-width apart  put your hands behind your neck and bend forward very slowly as far as you can, keeping your hands behind your neck, use your hands to push your head down so you can stretch as far as possible.  Slowly return to where you started from and repeat this five times.

#4  Forward Bend:  Stand with your feed hip distance apart, the same as you did with the 90 degree bend. Put your hands above your head and place one hand on top of the other.

Bend from the hips, while keep your hands above your head then slowly bring them down towards the floor as you bend, keeping your arms straight as you bend then touch the floor with the palms of your hands. Keep your back straight the whole time.

Slowly return to your starting position and repeat this ten times.

#5  The Spine Lengthener:  In this exercise you will stand with both feet together then place your arms by their sides. Then you bring both arms up and reach up as far as you can. Lift your head up as well and look up as far as high as your neck will allow you to.

Then stand up on your toes as far as possible. Hold this position for a few seconds, breathing in and out gently and imagine you are trying to reach the sky or the ceiling in your house. Do this exercise 5 times.

All these exercises together are very good to help you grow taller through stretching with yoga and combined with other exercises can help you on your way up the growth ladder to grow taller stretching

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