Using Yoga To Make You Taller

by admin on April 2, 2010

Can yoga make you grow taller?

The answer is yes and it is possible to gain height and even just appear taller by doing yoga. Everyone who wants to gain height has heard about using yoga to make you taller and it is true, you can really do this. There are many exercises or asanas as they are called you can do this with to increase not just height but your strength and flixibility as well.

What yoga does is to help you to improve your posture and your balance so you not only extract the maxmum height you can but you also walk and sit properly to help you to do this and this helps you to get rid of back aches and pains as well.

Yoga wil give your Entire body a work out and help you to strextch and exercise every part of your body including the spine wwhich becomes complressed from sitting down a lot.

Doing yoga to make you taller also helps with your joints and ligaments as well and makes you more suppl and aso helps you to sleep properly which is vital if you want to become taller.

So what exercise in yoga is the best if you want to use yoga to make you taller? The answer is that there are many good exercises but one of the good ones is called  mountain pose or tadasana.

This looks like a simple exercise but it can be quite difficult to do it correctly and when you do it right it can help you to get your posture exactly right and help with your back.

Here is how you do it.

Stand with both feet together. keep your legs straight and your knees together. Keep your head straight and your eyes focused on something straight in front of you.Tadasana

Lift your hands above you head as in the picture. stand up on toes and hold that position for a few seconds.


Do this two or three times. This is a great exercise for your back and your posture and if you wondering if you can start using yoga to make you taller this is a good exercise to use.

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