5 Quick Tips To Grow Taller Naturally

by admin on February 15, 2010

Hiw can you grow taller naturally? Here are five tips to help you stay focused.

#1  Everyone knows what food they should eat but what food should you avoid? No one talks about that. The most obvious thing to avoid is junk food. It is not called junk food for no reason and  avoiding it is important, but what else is there? You should avoid soda drinks, coffee and alcoholic drinks. They mess up your digestion and your metabolism and can prevent you growing taller naturally.

junk food

# 2 Eat several small meals a day instead of eating too much in the evening. This is the same method employed by bodybuilders and people trying to lose weight and it works by spreading the calories over the day so your body can use them properly and this can help you to grow taller naturally.

#3 Exercise. Everyone who is serious about growing taller naturally knows that exercise to gain height is one of the key things you need to do to amd you can achieve this is with the hanging exercise. This helps straighten your back, helps with your posture and can make your back feel better after a day sitting in a chair.

hanging exercise

#4 Sleep properly. No matter how much you exercise and eat you will grow as much as you are capable of if you do not get enough rest and sleep.  You do not have to sleep all night but getting enough sleep is vital and how much you need varies from person to person. Eight hours is the generally accepted amount though.

#5 Vitamin supplements. No one can be sure they are getting enough vitamins, proteins and minerals in their diet. Unless you have the time it can difficult if not impossible to sit down and work out exactly what you are getting in each meal.

Missing out on these can cost you a lot, not just in your height but it can affect your hair, nails and your skin as well.  You can get ordinary vitamins to help you grow taller naturally over the counter and they do not cost much either.

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