Get Taller In two Weeks – Three Ways To Gain Height

by admin on December 14, 2010

get taller in two weeks
There are millions of people worldwide who are shorter than they want to be and out of this number there are thousands who want to do something about it, but do not know what to do. If you are one of these people and want to know how to get taller in two weeks you can do it. There is no magic pill or solution for this,  just some simple steps you can  take you can increase your height. Read on to find out what you can do and try for yourself to see the results.

#1 Change your posture.

Doing this by itself will give you real height increase and this is easy to prove.  Before you start do this. Go and stand with your back to the wall and mark your height or get someone else to do this for you.

After you have done this the first step to correct your posture is easy but you will have to keep practicing it. Go back to the wall where you measured your height. Now stand with your back to the wall. if your back is touching the wall and your shoulders are not you already have a problem with your posture and need to correct it. Doing this will help you to stretch out your spine and give you an inch or more in height in less than two weeks. Whenever you are sitting or standing keep your back straight and your shoulders in line, not slumped forward.

Another way to counter the effects of a poor posture is to hang from a door frame or a bar in a gym.  This will help you undo all the damage to your back caused by a poor posture. There are several exercises you can do for this. If you already suffer from backache, as sore neck and aches and pains in your back this is a sure sign you suffer from a poor posture and correcting this can really help you to get taller in two weeks. When the time is up measure your height on the wall again and see for yourself.

#2  Change your clothes.

If the first step does not give you results fast enough you can make yourself look even taller. Here is how. By wearing clothes with vertical stripes on them you will give yourself the appearance of height and the bonus here is they will make you look slim as well..

# 3 Alter your hairstyle. keeping your hair short will make you look taller. Amazing but true. Look at pictures of people with short hair. The first thing you notice is their neck and this makes them look even taller. Having long hair hides your neck and gives you an overall appearance of being shorter.

#4 Wear shoes with a bigger heel. this can make an amazing difference to your height. Wearing a slightly larger shoe like this can give the impression of being several inches taller and is very effective if you want to get taller in two weeks. Do not over do this and wear shoes with heels that are too big though.

Combining these methods together can not only help you to get taller in two weeks but will also help you to look much taller than you will believe possible. Try for yourself and see the difference in two weeks.

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