Height Increase Tips- Can you gain height in 3 weeks?

by admin on March 2, 2010

There are numerous ways that are supposed to enable you to grow or gain height and some claim to help you gain height in weeks with some height increase tips and tips.

You cannot expect to grow an inch a week but do they work at all?  We all know that eating, sleeping and exercising properly are important if you want to Gain height but is this enough?

First of all lets make it clear once you bones have stopped growing you are not to going to grow any further. It is still possible to gain height though and there is a difference between them.

Even if you have stopped growing you can gain a minimum of an inch just by correcting your posture and walking and sitting properly. Many people express shock when they hear this, but the truth is that it does work and I suggest you try for yourself and find out that it is not only possible but a fact.

I want to start gaining height right away. What can I do?

There are many height increase tips that work and are very effective. Here are Some to help you to decompress your spine and get rid of a bad back quickly and you will see a gain of an inch regardless if you have stopped growing or not.

#1 Swimming. If you go swimming several times a week this will get rid of all the damage you have done by sitting poorly and compressing your lower back. This will undo all that and if you suffer from backache following this height increase tip will help to get rid of it.

#2 While you are reading this look at where your shoulders are. If they are curved forward or slouching then you have a problem with your posture like over 80% of people do. You can correct this by consciously pushing your shoulders back as you sit and walk. This may be difficult at first but after a day or two you will get used to it and will soon see and feel the difference.

Try combining these simple exercises with a diet high in vitamins, proteins and mineral and cut out alcohol totally for a few weeks. You will soon see and feel the difference if you follow these height increase tips and you can combine them with other exercises like cycling and running to get even better results.

Try this for a few weeks and see the difference with these height increase tips that work.

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mathieu queva May 25, 2010 at 4:41 pm

I would like growth taller in 6 inches please

may yo July 22, 2010 at 10:08 am

can i still grow after 17? I want to grow three more inches

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