How To Look Taller – Tips To Help You Right Away

by admin on April 1, 2010

how to look taller

Even if you are not as tall as everyone else, yet you can at least stop people calling you short and do something to make yourself look tall.  Looking taller is a lot easier than being tall  and you can do this quite easily.

There are only three main things you need to know about how to look taller, your posture, your clothes and the colour of your clothes.

Your posture is so important it cannot be overstated. A good posture does not just help your back. It can really give you an inch or so in extra height, ake you look even taller and make people look at you differently.

If you sit and walk with your shoulders slumped forward you will have a constant bad back and will appear less confident and this will really affect your height.

By standing and walking properly and taking steps to look taller you can actually gain an inch or so and really be taller, simply by changing the way you walk and correcting your back!

Wearing dark coloured clothes can make you look taller too as well as wearing clothes that make your limbs look longer than what they are. Another trick is to wear elevator shoes with deep soles that really make you look far taller than what you are.

Here are some top tips to on how to look taller right away.

#1  Keep your neck as straight as possible keep your shoulders level and your chest out and do not walk with your stomach sucked in.
#2  Wearing shoes with high heels and pinstriped trousers will give the impression of being taller.

#3 Use the Alexander technique to help you with your posture and back. Many people who do this say they have gained an inch in height without even realising it.

#4   Start  Pilates classes this good for stretching and for your back and you can easily correct a poor posture with this and as an added bonus if you really do have a bad posture you can gain a inch in height and this will not just show you how to look taller but can really make you an inch taller!

#5  Cut your hair shorter. The longer your hair is the shorter it can make you look. If you have a long neck do not cover it up with your hair if you want to know how to look taller keep your hair short.

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