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by admin on August 26, 2010

Did you know that more than 73% of the earth’s population are looking to find out how to grow taller fast? No matter what others may say, height can indeed be an issue, because the fact of the matter is that being short is no fun and it can have a huge impact on your life.

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They say that people who are shorter usually have a better posture than taller ones. But then again, being short can make a person feel inferior to other people. As long as you are short, every time you stand near or next to another person who is a lot taller than you are, it is but natural to feel inferior and ashamed of your height. Being short, then, can lower a person’s self-esteem. There is a lack of self-confidence that often manifests itself in relationships and in the work place.

Well, there isn’t just one tip that will help you grow taller because the truth is – several factors may affect a person’s height. First, there is genetics. Then, improper diet, inadequate sleep, and lack of exercise. Carrying around excess weight or body fat takes its toll on your muscles by putting constant pressure on them, and eventually causing them to shrink.

The best ways, therefore, on how to grow taller fast include eating properly, having adequate rest and sleep, and doing regular exercise. Eating the proper foods and having enough sleep can stimulate the production of growth hormones. Exercise can correct muscle imbalances and improve posture.

Carrying the proper posture may also increase your height. Slouching can make you look shorter, whereas having good posture with the shoulders back and head held up can make you look taller.

Growing taller is just a matter of knowing the correct techniques. You can gain inches on your height in just a period of four weeks. But before everything else, you have to formulate a plan and stick with it.

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